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SEO Training Programs


Your Problem

You’ve been tasked with compiling an SEO program or you’re dealing with hiring an external SEO Agency, but you don’t have a solid knowledge of SEO Principles and Best Practices.

Your website’s performance is suffering because Development and/or Marketing Teams aren’t up to speed with Search Engine Optimization or with how its best practices apply to the development, maintenance, and marketing of your company, its website, and its products and/or services.

Our Solution

Armament's Basic SEO Training Program is a 101 Course, aimed at executives and business owners who need to deal with inhouse and/or external Search Engine Optimizers. It provides the tools and terminology you need, to know when an incompetent or Blackhat SEO is lying to you.

Our Advanced Training focuses on the mechanics and principles of SEO. This program provides a deeper insight into Search Engine Optimization Tactics, Campaign Planning, Keyword Research, and Tool Use. It prepares owners and managers to take a hands-on approach to SEO.


Armament's Practical SEO Training Programs

SEO Training Programs

SEO Training ProgramsBasic SEO Training

Armament’s basic training course will lead you through the elements of SEO, realistic goal setting, keyword research techniques, and on to creating an SEO plan.

Who should sign up?

This training course is intended for company owners, executives, or professionals who need to develop a core understanding of SEO terminology and principles. It also enables attendees to deal with inhouse teams and external SEO agencies with greater confidence and more effectively.

Basic Training Overview:

  1. SEO Principles and Terminology
  2. Essential SEO Elements
  3. Basic SEO Planning
  4. The importance of Query Fulfillment
  5. Ability to gauge SEO/Agency level of competence
  6. Warning Signals to help spot low-quality Operators
  7. The rudiments of Link Acquisition

Advanced SEO Training

SEO Training Programs by Armament Solutions Limited

SEO Training Programs by Armament Solutions LimitedA profitable, sustainable online business is built on the foundations of solid search engine optimization principles, because first class SEO encompasses not only a firm understanding of marketing, but a knowledge of consumer psychology. Armament’s Advanced SEO Training Course teaches you to plan a strategic SEO campaign, to conduct keyword research, to optimize user experience (UX) principles, and more.

Who should sign up?

The advanced course is aimed at professionals, marketers, and managers who require a deeper understanding of strategic SEO, in order to plan and execute a search engine optimization campaign from beginning to end.

Advanced Training Overview:

  1. Plan an SEO Campaign
  2. Customize SEO for a market sector or niche
  3. Conduct Keyword Research
  4. Analyze Website strengths and weaknesses
  5. Develop Content Strategy and Copywriting
  6. Plan SEO Campaigns for Information, Ecommerce, and Video
  7. Compile an SEO Toolbox
  8. Track Performance with Google Analytics

Our SEO training programs improve your employees’ knowledge and your website’s performance.

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