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Crisis Mitigation and Management Services


Your Problem

  • A Catastrophic Emergency has blindsided you and is threatening to ruin your organization. You need help immediately.

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Crises come in many Shapes and Sizes

Fire, flood, and natural disasters are all obvious causes for a business crisis. However, your company’s operations can also be jeopardized by less obvious events, such as a Typhoon half a world away or critical hardware failure.

Critical Hardware and Product Failure

Critical computer hardware failure and data breaches constitute another common set of crisis triggers. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7¹ and its tendency to spontaneously burst into flames is a prime example of a product failure-based crisis.

Technical Upheaval

If your company relies on organic search rankings, a single algorithmic change by Google can throw you into chaos instantly. UK-based fashion retailer "Next" found this out, when it lost 87% of its organic traffic overnight to a search algorithm change. A data-breach, is able to reduce your organization's reputation to Zero, if not handled correctly. Just ask Equifax.

Corporate Slander and Rumors

Then there are more nebulous factors, such as sudden outbreaks of rumors about your company’s ethical conduct, about insider trading, or about corporate impropriety.

Whatever the root, when a crisis hits it severely disrupts your organization’s operational capabilities. At stake is not only financial loss and even company survival, but also your business reputation and its relationships with suppliers and clients, all of which are crucial to your company’s long-term success.

Before Crisis Hits... Armament can Help

Preventive Crisis Mitigation Program (First Line of Defense)

  1. Risk Assessment
    The nature of crises may be unpredictable, but different business models are susceptible to different types of emergency events. Armament carries out a thorough risk assessment, based on your business type, physical location, corporate infrastructure, and supply chain.
  2. Concept of Operations Report
    Based on this risk assessment we deliver a report detailing the main risks faced by your organization, along with steps to mitigate these in the event of an incident.
  3. Creation of a Crisis Mitigation Team (CMT)
    Nobody knows your business like you do. Therefore the best candidates for your Crisis Mitigation Team work for you already. We will guide you through the process of selecting this team from among your staff.
  4. Crisis Mitigation Team Training
    Once selected, we will provide training for your team. This includes identification and prioritization of issues, tools and mechanisms for incident reporting, and strategy development
  5. Stakeholder/Vendor/Client Analysis
    These individuals are likely among the first affected by any emergency within your organization. Armament analyzes the likely impact of any given event on these three segments and guides your CMT through the process of producing “Holding Statements” for each of them, should a crisis occur.
  6. Program Reviews & Exercises
    Crisis Mitigation Training is not a ”Fire and Forget” operation. Periodic program reviews are required to ensure everyone is kept up to date. Annual exercises are also recommended.

Crisis doesn’t follow a Script

Hurricane over the Gulf of Mexico

Hurricane over the Gulf of MexicoYour company may be struck down suddenly or disaster can creep up on you through a chain reaction of badly handled events. Such was the case with the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, back in 2010².

Because of the unpredictable nature of these catastrophic incidents, a crisis mitigation team needs to be flexible, able to make strategic decisions as the situation unfolds, and develop a coherent response plan amidst the unfolding chaos.

Crisis mitigation is project management of a war zone.

Armament creates a thorough, customized set of contingencies for your company, and helps you put together a well-trained team, able to deal with any crisis as it unfolds.

If your Company has been struck by a Severe Business Crisis...

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