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What happens when four world-class specialists join forces to create a Business Solutions, Cyber Security, and Disaster Recovery Consultancy?

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We’re not just another random team of experts, thrown together by the vagaries of Corporate Expedience. The four of us have been close friends for the better part of three decades, ever since we embarked on our respective career paths. And while each of us is a recognized, top-flight specialist in his field, our close professional and personal ties have enabled us to learn from one another and pool our resources in unique ways. This endows Armament with a synergy few other business support and cyber security consultancies can match.



Our World-Class Team


Sasch: Digital disaster recovery specialist, with twenty-seven years of experience in the field of Information Technology, Security, and Business Troubleshooting.

  • Career Highlights:
    1. Lifted three separate Google Unnatural Inbound Links penalties simultaneously, for major cloud services provider
    2. Created online business strategy and carried out business model/continuity audits, prompting growth of 648% in 24 months and entry into the Inc. 500 list, for nationwide electronics buyer
    3. Lifted Google Unnatural Inbound Links penalty (5,000,000+ links) costing an adult super store $500k in profits per month

Andre: Software architect and software security specialist with twenty-nine years of experience in the field of creating and securing applications.

  • Career Highlights:
    1. Former Senior Solutions Architect for large European Standards Organization
    2. Created software security training program for major UK charity loan provider
    3. Designed ASP.NET visual shopping application for major UK fashion house
    4. Authored a product migratory system for a large European educational foundation
    5. Expert knowledge of over 30 programming/software disciplines¹

Garry: Software architect and application security specialist with thirty years experience in the fields of software and network security.

  • Career Highlights:
    1. Created a fully-functional standalone visitor-tacking/analytics platform in 2002, three years before Google Analytics
    2. Developed network infrastructure security protocols/routines for numerous UK companies and organizations
    3. Created a secure payment and membership management system for an international chain of fitness centers

Charles: Digital forensics specialist who takes privacy (his own & others') extremely seriously. With almost two decades of experience, he is Armament's Spycatcher.

  • Career Highlights:
    1. Charles isn't his real name
    2. Works for the government
    3. Doesn't talk about career highlights, for obvious reasons

Our Commitment


Excellence: The Armament Team is built on excellence. Each member ouf our squad is a specialist with a minimum of fifteen years experience in his field. We aim to deliver only the highest-quality results and advice.

Individualization: Disaster Prevention & Recovery is not a "Fire & Forget" undertaking. Each organization is different and risks are constantly evolving. Armament tackles and overcomes these changing obstacles based on risk assessments at the individual client level.

Communication: Our clients' security and success are our first concern. We communicate openly about both the problems we discover, as well as the solutions we formulate. Armament is accessible and transparent.

Trust: Confidentiality is ESSENTIAL. That's why Armament only operates under strict Non-Disclosure Agreements and stores all client data on secure, encrypted servers. You can be sure the data and reports we prepare are for your eyes only.


¹ Andre's Specialties: C# .NET, WCF, AngularJS, Go (golang), Docker, Rancher, AWS, Azure, SQL Server, ASP.NET/MVC, XSLT, XML Schema, Umbraco, Redis, NATS, Marklogic, MongoDB, ArangoDB, CouchDB, TFS, Linux, Windows Workflow, WiX Installer, IIS, RegEx, SAML, Dependency Injection(DI), Multithreading, ADFS, Apache, KVM+Qemu, CSS, JQuery, Javascript, HTML



NFPA 1600 & NIST 800 Standards

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