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Your Problem

  • SEO Expectations and the Reality of SEO rarely meet
  • There’s a host of fake SEO Experts giving conflicting advice
  • Most smooth selling SEO companies underdeliver
  • Many Startups forget to budget for high-quality SEO
  • How do you measure Return on Investment for Startup SEO?
  • Is there Return on Investment?

Our Solution

Whether yours is a startup or an organization in need of website redesign, we create an SEO roadmap inline with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and compile a functional project schedule for the design and promotion phases.

Experience matters. Our Project Managers boast decades of operational knowledge in the field of Search Engine Optimization and Website Promotion. They are also Google Accredited Gold Product Experts, with over a decade of experience in the search giant’s support infrastructure.


Concrete reasons why you need SEO Project Management Services

SEO Project Management

SEO Project ManagementMany organizations building a new website or planning a website redesign initially choose to manage the project inhouse. After all it’s easy to delegate the responsibility to a partner, mid-level executive, or even to the company you’ve contracted to construct the site in the first place. However, as more than a few of our past clients found out, the task of overseeing a website build, along with the associated SEO campaign is not as simple as it initially appears.

Our professional experience shows that most large website build/SEO projects managed inhouse will not only overshoot their deadline, but also come in over budget. That’s why it’s prudent - and usually more cost-effective - to hire a project manager.

What does an SEO Project Manager do?

SEO Project Management Services by Armament Solutions Limited

SEO Project Management Services by Armament Solutions LimitedIn a nutshell, an SEO Project Manager is the general in charge of your company’s online promotion campaign. His or her skills need to span a broad spectrum, encompassing technical SEO, content promotion, tool-use¹, Google Analytics, keyword research, and a number of other SEO-related activities. Unlike an ordinary Search Engine Optimizer, however, the project manager must also have a strong grounding in marketing principles, time management, and organization skills, as well as an intimate familiarity with multiple content management systems. Lastly, he or she must possess an aptitude for strategic thinking, so as to retain an overview of the campaign itself and to direct efforts coherently as work progresses.

Armament's Project Management Team offers:

  1. SEO Campaign Planning
    This is the core of a Project Manager's remit. It's a war out there, so your PM needs to be a master strategist, able to create a solid campaign and outmaneuver your competition's efforts.
  2. Technical SEO
    A technically solid website is the foundation on which a successful SEO Campaign is built. Your PM needs to ensure your site is built to a optimal technical standard.
  3. Keyword Research
    Target Keywords must be picked according to their ROI potential, not simply by their search volume. Your Project Manager will provide you with a shortlist of the most potentially productive terms to target.
  4. Content Promotion
    Creating great content is not enough. It must also be publicized to attract your target audience's attention. Your PM will draw up a list of prime outlets for your market sector.
  5. Tool Use
    SEO is both and art and a science. And while experience is paramount for an SEO Project Manager, Analytics and SEO Tools provides the hard data he/she needs to conduct your company's campaign.
  6. Marketing Knowhow
    Any promotional strategy that relies solely on Google's Algorithms is doomed to failure. Your PM needs a solid understanding of marketing principles, to promote your website in multiple avenues, specific to your organization's market sector.
  7. Time & Budget Management
    Specifications get altered. Schedules change. These things happen as the construction phase evolves, no matter how good the initial plan may be. It's your PM's job to stay on top of such alterations and to minimize their impact.
  8. Communication
    If you add specifications or if external circumstances alter the project's scheduling, it's important that these changes are communicated coherently to all concerned. Your PM will make sure that teams and stakeholders are informed about all major developments.

Competent SEO Project Management saves more than it costs.

As anyone who's ever tried to keep a major undertaking on track will tell you, there's a lot more to successful project management than meets the eye. It's a lot like juggling hand grenades during a storm. Lots of unforeseen things can happen instantly and it takes a true professional to stop the situation getting out of control.

We will make sure your project comes in on time and on budget.

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