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Our Team

Sasch is a recognized online disaster recovery specialist. As a highly accomplished troubleshooter and strategist he conducts analyses, risk assessments, and forensic audits which diagnose, mitigate, and remedy weaknesses and fail points across the entire corporate spectrum. He has saved numerous companies from failure during his career.

Garry has designed, debugged, and secured large-scale network infrastructure for almost two decades. Specializing in client management and payment gateway systems, he brings a solid thirty years of Information Security experience to the Armament team. If you need your sensitive client or business data secured against outside intrusion, Garry is your man.

Andre is a security specialist who conducted his first network penetration test back in 1992. Since then he’s run security and software protection for some of the Europe's largest organizations, including a major European Standards Authority. If there are security weaknesses in your network infrastructure, Andre will find them.

Charles is Armament’s Spycatcher. Passionate about privacy and data safety, he’s helped large and small organizations prevent leaks and breaches, and stopped external spying efforts, since 2002. If someone is trying to steal your company’s sensitive files or trade secrets, Charles will pinpoint the source of the intrusion and block it.

What makes us different?

At Armament we’re not just colleagues. We are Friends who have known each other for decades, ever since the early nineties, when we first embarked on our respective career paths. Our professions have taken us around the globe. However, we’ve remained close, learning from one another's fields of experience and acquired expertise, and supporting each other professionally.

In 2019 we joined forces to create a world-class team of business support and security specialists; we are perfectly positioned to protect and/or rescue your company.


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Dealing with the Threat of Social Engineering Attacks

Social Engineering Attack

Social Engineering AttackSocial Engineering is the art of manipulating others’ trust. It is an old gig with a fresh name, because its core principles are hardly new. After all, grifters, fraudsters, and confidence tricksters have existed in human society since the very beginning. In the 21st century threat ecosystem, however, these traditionally face-to-face manipulation techniques are increasingly used... Continue Reading...

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