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Social Engineering AttackDealing with the Threat of Social Engineering

Social Engineering is the art of manipulating others’ trust. It is an old gig with a fresh name, because its core principles are hardly new. After all, grifters, fraudsters, and confidence tricksters have existed in human society since the very beginning.

In the 21st century threat ecosystem, however, these traditionally face-to-face manipulation techniques are increasingly used remotely by criminals, to gain access to corporate networks in order to steal secrets, funds, or confidential/personal information. This type of intrusion attempt now accounts for 65% of all successful cyber security breaches, because it’s usually far easier to exploit the human tendency to trust than it is to hack past a company’s cyber defenses. How does it work? Continue Reading...



Google Link Penalty Remediation

Link Penalty MinefieldIf your online business relies on Google’s organic search rankings to send you visitors and customers, a Manual Action Notification from Google is about the worst thing you can find in your inbox. Being issued such a penalty means your site’s search rankings will have disappeared overnight, along with all their associated revenues.

There's Nothing "Simple" about the Recovery Process. Googling the subject of “Manual Action Recovery” yields clickbait headlines as ”Get Your Manual Link Penalty Revoked in 6 Easy Steps” and suchlike. These headlines invariably lead into... Continue Reading...

Overcoming Single Points of Failure

Single Point of FailureA Business Continuity Plan contains many vitally important elements. Addressing Single Points of Failure is one of the most crucial. Identifying and addressing choke-points and soft spots in your organizational process, before catastrophe strikes, could save your company.

The simple fact is that a great many companies across America and Europe are at risk of severe operational outages caused by such single points of failure - choke points - in their logistical and/or informational infrastructure. Worse still, most organizations are blissfully unaware that these fail-points even exist, until such time as their entire business is instantly brought to a standstill by a single, unforeseen event. Continue Reading...


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