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Custom Website Audits


Your Problem

  • Your company website isn’t performing as expected
  • Some clients complain that the website doesn’t work properly on their phone
  • Others complain that it’s too slow to load on their devices
  • Visitor numbers and conversion rates are low
  • Your design/development team can’t tell us what’s wrong
  • You got a “Free Website Analysis”, but it didn’t really tell you anything

Our Solution

If there are performance problems with your commercial website, free analysis tools will not provide enough information to diagnose them. Only an in-depth site audit will unearth the root causes.

No two businesses are identical. That’s why Armament’s custom website audits are tailored to your organization’s individual needs. Our industry-leading specialists manually assess your website’s performance using 50+ metrics, and deliver a report that contains both problems discovered and suggested solutions for each.


A Custom Website Audit gives you the Edge

Custom Website Audits

Custom Website AuditsThink of an Armament custom website audit as a high-quality fitness examination for your online business. It uncovers flaws and defects in your site’s performance, not only at the SEO level, but from the user perspective and cross-device compatibility standpoint. The report also contains a set of detailed solutions to any problems discovered, enabling you to take the necessary measures and get your website ready to take on its competitors.

Our Custom Website Audits include:

  1. 50+ Factors Analyzed and Reported
    Our extensive analysis covers 50+ on and offsite factors which affect your website’s overall performance with search engines and visitors, and provides a detailed breakdown of any chinks in its armor.
  2. Vital Statistics
    Breakdown of registration information, server statistics, spam check/alert results, and a number of other datapoints
  3. Onsite Factor Report
    Analysis of site structure, information architecture, navigation menus, sight speed, site content, and related elements
  4. Offsite Factor Report
    Analysis of inbound link profile, overall link quality, online reputational standing, social signals, and related elements
  5. Prioritized List of Remedial Actions
    Prioritized list of faults and weaknesses discovered, categorized by high, medium, and low priority
  6. 2 Hours of Phone Consultation Time
    You and your team will also receive two hours of strategic support from one of our world-class specialists, who will guide you and answer your questions about the audit in detail.
  7. Consultation Recordings
    You’ll receive recordings of your live support calls or sessions, in case your team’s notes are incomplete.
  8. Additional Option - Competitor Analysis

Take the Fight to your Competition

SEO Website Auditing Services by Armament Solutions Limited

SEO Website Auditing Services by Armament Solutions LimitedArmament offers an additional option - not included in the main audit - a competitor analysis of your organization’s main rivals. This analysis can cover the same informational range as your own custom website audit, or it can focus on individual aspects of your competitors' online business strategy causing you the greatest concern.

The commercial Internet is a battlefield where any perceived weakness is instantly exploited by your competitors.

Armament’s custom website audits and our competitor analysis services provides you with crucial business intelligence to weaponize your site for the battlefield.

Only the Strongest Prevail

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