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Cyber Security Health Checks


Your Problem

  • Small and Medium Businesses are most vulnerable to cyber attacks¹
  • Security Beaches are up 11% year on year²
  • 58% of companies have 100,000+ files without restricted user access³
  • 41% of companies allow staff open access to sensitive files³
  • 92% of Malware is delivered by Email⁴
  • How can you be sure your Cyber Security Measures are effective?

Our Solution

Armament’s Cyber Security Health Check tests your organization’s electronic and human defenses, assessing their conformity to best practices and ensuring they're fit for their intended purpose.

Focusing on both the technological and the human level, we check for potential weaknesses against intrusion by malicious software, as well as phishing and social engineering attacks.


Cyber Security Risk is Business Risk

Cyber Security Health CheckToo few business owners and executives understand the very real risks to their companies’ existence posed by cyber security threats. Chief among these is still catastrophic data loss, an eventuality that’s preventable through solid data backup strategies. However, industrial espionage and data theft have also been the bane of many organizations, as have vindictive ex-employees.

Over the years our specialists have dealt with the aftermath of countless business outages, with causes ranging from catastrophic hardware failure to interruptions caused by natural disasters and even sabotage by disgruntled employees. In most cases these disasters could have been avoided or mitigated by greater preparedness, tighter security, and strong data backup plans.

Are you setting yourself up for The Perfect Storm?.

Cyber Security Health CheckBut even for many organizations with a set of defenses in place, there can be a high level of uncertainty.

  1. Are all devices and software configured properly?
  2. Are new security measures and solutions doing their job?
  3. Are there gaps or weaknesses in your defenses?
  4. Are your employees prepared for phishing and social engineering attacks?
  5. Are you vulnerable against sabotage by hostile ex-employees or former contractors?

That's where we can help.

We answer these questions and ensure that you understand how any threats and weaknesses in your cyber defenses equate to concrete threats against your business and its sensitive information.

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