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Content Strategy Creation & Content Analysis


Your Problem

  • Your website content is poorly written or vague
  • Content is not keyword-focused to attract clients
  • Content structure is disorganized and hard to follow
  • Content is not aimed at your target audience
  • Content contains few or no calls to action
  • Your Sitemap is cluttered and confusing to visitors
  • Bounce rates and visitor abandonment are high

Our Solution

Your company’s content shouldn’t be a fragmented collection of separate web pages all competing to rank for their respective keywords. It must be one precision unit, acting as part of a cohesive whole. Designed to communicate with your target audience, to answer their questions and concerns, to address their pain-points and build trust in your brand, your website’s content is your company’s voice.

This is what we do. Armament gives your Company a Voice.


What can a Solid Content Strategy do for you?

Content strategy is about far more than keyword targeting or wordcount; it's about the bones of your site, the core topics, the navigation, the URL structure. It’s a matter of Solid Information Architecture. Starting at your sitemap and categorization, the creation of a content strategy becomes a structured progression that determines not only the organization and type of content on your company's website, but how every single piece of it interrelates and fits with each other, to become a single, cohesive unit.

It's about More than just Keywords...

Content is a strategic tool, capable of attracting new visitors and making new sales, if used properly.

Tone and focus of content can determine a potential visitor's perception of your brand, right from the first impression.

An optimally structured product catalog, with sales-oriented product descriptions, can raise not only your site’s conversion rates, but its overall visitor numbers.

A well-aimed niche blog post can generate new interest from the fringes of your target audience, if you produce the right content to attract their attention.

Moreover, a thorough content strategy permeates not only every part of your website, but your company's entire online presence.

It's your Company's Voice

A substantial number of small and medium enterprise are still unclear about who their customers actually are and who their website is talking to. When asked about who their websites and advertising efforts are aimed at, many business owners who handle their own marketing and promotion are unsure¹. This goes some way to explain why 50% of startups fail within the first two years¹.

From topic to writing-style, level of technical jargon, and calls-to-action, your site’s content is your company’s voice. It must engage visitors, answer their questions, and help them make purchasing decisions. Above all, it must be aimed squarely at your business’ target audience.

EVERYONE is not your Target Audience

Content Strategy Creation

Content Strategy CreationBefore you can focus your content, you need to know your demographic.

  1. Where do they live?
  2. How old are they?
  3. Does their Gender matter to your Product or Service?
  4. What are their Pain-Points? Does your Product/Service fulfill a particular need?
  5. What do you want from them?

Much depends on the last question. Your content's focus will be different, depending on whether your company sells products, services, relies on advertising fees to generate revenue, or uses a combination of the three.

The more information you have about the people your business is selling to, the easier it becomes to create a solid content strategy that’s optimized for your company’s target demographic.

That's what We do

We give your company a voice, by firmly identifying not only your target audience, but also the tone in which you communicate with them. We also optimize the navigational structure of your website to make your visitors informational journey as smooth as possible.

Based on your company’s market sector and operational focus, our specialists create a stock-profile of your ideal customer, and then construct a comprehensive content strategy for your website, aimed at drawing the maximum engagement and conversions from their demographic.

By understanding your clients, you will increase traffic and sales.

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