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Cyber Security Awareness Training


Your Problem

  • The average user receives 16 malicious emails per month¹
  • Multiply that figure by the number of employees in your company
  • 65% of successful data breaches are the result of phishing attacks¹
  • Business Email Compromise cost US organizations $1.2 Billion in 2018²
  • Your staff are the weakest link in your defenses
  • One slip can compromise your entire organization

Our Solution

Properly implemented cyber security awareness training turns your staff from being a defensive weak spot into your organization’s first line of defense.

In-depth education about up-to-date threats facing your organization and its staff is the single biggest factor in guarding against intrusions and data breaches. Our specialists focus on raising hazard awareness across every level of your organization, because only “when everyone is onboard” can you truly mitigate the risk of successful attacks.


No Organization can afford to ignore Cyber Security Awareness Training

The past couple of years have proven - if anything - that no one’s data is safe. From small business to multinational corporations and government departments, every organization has become a target for viruses, malware, criminals, hacktivists, and even state-sponsored espionage. And while antivirus and antimalware programs have evolved to cope with an increasingly hostile threat landscape, the human factor continues to remain the weakest link in any chain of defense.

Staff are considerably easier to circumvent than sophisticated cyber defenses. That’s why the human factor continues to be the main target of exploitation, through Social Engineering Attacks, Business Email Compromise Scams, and similar activities.

Put simply: Attackers will try to trick humans into ”opening the gates” long before they attempt to break them down with a hack attack.

The larger your Organization, the greater the Number of Gates

Questions to ask yourself:

  1. Are your employees aware of their individual responsibilities to protect company data and infrastructure?
  2. Are your employees using company email addresses for personal reasons?
  3. Are your employees given unrestricted Internet access through networked company hardware?
  4. Does your company have user-level access restrictions in place?
  5. Do your employees have any basic awareness of cyber security threats, such as Phishing and Malware?

Training is an Ongoing Task

Ultimately there is only one mechanism of defense against the growing number of attack vectors against your human defenses: Cyber Security Awareness Training. Our specialists help your organization keep vital systems and business data safe through structured, in-depth cyber security awareness training programs for all your staff.

And because the threat landscape is evolving rapidly, staff education is an ongoing task. If your organization’s infrastructure is to be kept secure, cyber security training updates must be administered at regular intervals, at least annually, though preferably every six months. What’s more, your staff need to be tested regularly for “Phishing Susceptibility” to measure the training’s impact.

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